John Bauer
3241 Portland Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407

OBJECTIVE: To attain a position that will challenge and inspire me.


10/2016 - present    St. Jude Medical (Now Abbott)   St. Paul, Minnesota

Senior Application Security Consultant

Assisted with the vision and direction of the Application Security practice. Deployed F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) Web Application Firewall (WAF) on critical applications. Performed security assessments on critical applications using manual and dynamic testing. Wrote security threat cases. Application discovery and risk hunting via active and passive means. Platforms used: Splunk, Splunk Enterprise Security, F5 ASM, F5 APM, Archer, JIRA, Confluence, Burpsuite, Imperva WAF, Gigamon

6/2015 - 10/2016    St. Jude Medical (Now Abbott)   St. Paul, Minnesota

Senior Information Security Consultant

Architected and helped deploy a big data platform for consuming large volumes of data with the ability to scale horizontally indefinitely. Implemented and managed Imperva Web Application Firewall Platform. Wrote integration from Splunk Enterprise Security to Archer. Onboarded data from divergent systems. Architected next generation of global big data platform utilizing NVME SSD and dense compute for cluster nodes. Deployed Splunk Stream on Gigamon feed. Activly hunted for application and network misconfigurations via active and passive means. Wrote security threat cases. Platforms used: Splunk, Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk Stream, Gigamon, Archer, JIRA, Confluence, Burpsuite, Solarwinds, InfoBlox, BMC Remedy, Fireeye NX & HX, Metasploit, Recorded Future

3/2011 - 6/2015    Digital River   Minnetonka, Minnesota

Application Security Analyst

Activly monitored and assessed attacks against Digital River's global infrastructure. Assisted with evidence collection and recommendations for PCI audits. Assisted with developing a vulnerability remediation queue for the development an SDLC security program. Creative correlation and analysis of events using Splunk. Developed an automated scanning tool to validate attacks. Performed security research on internally developed applications. Assessed and validated or invalidated zero day exploits. Managed Imperva Web Application Firewalls and Database Activity Monitoring. Managed Akamai Kona Web Application Firewall, Managed Splunk infrastructure. Managed WebInspect and Fortify scanning. Clear understanding of all vulnerabilities in the OWASP top 10. Other tools used: Trustwave Web Application Firewalls, Burpsuite, Solera, Endace, Netwitness, Solarwinds, Nitro, Fireeye, McAfee IDS, Metasploit, Backtrack, mod_security.

9/2009 - 3/2011    Digital River   Minnetonka, Minnesota

Unix Administrator

Actively monitor, troubleshoot and maintain Digital River's global infrastructure escalating when necessary. Configure monitoring solutions in response to issues to increase platform availability. Frequent use Oracle SQL, MSSQL and MySQL to mine data for possible attacks, traffic spikes and other issues. Added new features to internal monitoring platform written in Java. Frequent use of shell scripting and Perl for system maintenance and to analyze log files. Created scripts to facilitate automated password changes. F5 GTM/LTM configuration. F5 iControl/SOAP integration with Java and Perl for automation and script control.

1/2008 - 3/2011    Birds Eye LLC   Waite Park, Minnesota

Lead Programmer

Designed and implemented a web based property management system. Features include: The ability to upload images of any size and place icons at problem locations. Full auditing history of service calls and assets. The ability to dynamically add any type of service and then add fields appropriate to configured assets. Installed and maintained Linux servers configured for load balancing and failover situations. Set up cron tasks for maintenance and system notifications.

8/2006 - 1/2008    Brain Magnet   St. Cloud, Minnesota

Lead Programmer

Redesigned Flash mapping product to use a generic installation and a database for configuration. Previously a new Flash file was implemented for each mapping portal. Moved all Actionscript code to external files maintained in an SVN repository. Rewrote interative Flash flipbook application to use a database for configuration. Worked with Mall Of America to implement interactive gift guides and informational books using this technology. Installed and implemented a Linux server used as an internal file server, database server, svn server and development web server. Secured internal and cloud servers from known security threats.

10/2004 - 6/2006    Nahan Printing   St. Cloud, Minnesota

Data Processing

Process mailing lists according to customer requirements. Custom programming to assign messages based on data. Layout of finished pieces to conform to customer requirements and postal regulations. Verified that all mailing pieces met postal regulations. Wrote a configuration generator in Java to streamline data standardization and postal processing.

11/2002 - 10/2004    ICNT   Fargo, North Dakota

Network Consultant

Researched, tested and installed various wireless configurations. Worked with 802.11/ab FHSS/DSSS, wireless bridging, PoE, 2.4ghz, 5.8ghz and 38ghz. Tower and high rise installations of wireless antennas and other equipment. Linux and FreeBSD driver modifications. Active directory maintenance and development. Active directory Radius integration with various wireless configurations. FreeRadius integration with Postgres and various wireless configurations. Configuration and maintenance of ATM and TCP/IP network using Aclatel and Cisco. Installed and configured DMC Stratux XP4 38ghz wireless links with Alcatel OmniSwitches to form a redundant ATM network with TCP/IP and LANE.

9/2000 - 11/2002    North Dakota State University   Fargo, North Dakota

Lead Programmer

Contributed numerous technical concepts to an awarded $1.94 million dollar National Science Foundation ITR grant for educational virtual environments. Concepts include: distributed systems, agent based tutoring, GUI development, database integration, CVS integration. Developed a multi-tier multi-user distributed server architecture for developing and implementing multi-user virtual environments with object hierarchy stored in a sql database. Frequently used areas: J2EE, Postgres/MySQL, PHP, Software tutoring, Java3D, Swing, JNLP, RMI, CVS, and LambdaMOO on Unix. Installed and maintained Linux and FreeBSD servers. Assisted in maintaining and developing web presence utilizing PHP and Postgres SQL.

5/2000 - 11/2000    Intellisol International   Fargo, North Dakota


Maintenance and development in a fast paced environment on the Xpede product line written in JavaScript, ASP, VB Script and MSSQL stored procedures. All software organized and maintained in Microsoft SourceSafe. Researched new product directions with Java/Swing. Wrote custom Java GUI component objects and secure database integration utilizing XML and SSL for the Xpeded web based product line.

1/1998 - 9/2000    North Dakota State University   Fargo, North Dakota

Educational Environment Programmer

Aided in the conceptualization and design of Geology Explorer, an educational geology game. Constructed and maintained initial Geology Explorer environment in LambdaMOO. Wrote the graphical interface for Geology Explorer. Developed protocol used between client/server. Developed and maintained software agents. Assisted students with their development in the LambadaMOO environment. Designed custom tools for building and maintaining virtual environments.

6/1997 - 3/2000    Great Plains Software (Now Microsoft)   Fargo, North Dakota


C, Java, B-Trieve and Microsoft SQL in a multi user environment using RCS. Maintain and develop applications according to new rules as they are needed in a fast paced multi programmer environment. Added e-mail and fax support to internal legacy applications. Wrote libraries to dynamically generate HTML for orders/invoices. Streamlined order proofing by adding status to orders and utilizing the implemented e-mail and HTML capabilities. Orders are now e-mailed to a proofing station then accepted or rejected in Microsoft Outlook. Wrote an end user utility in Java to maintain data while synchronizing test and production Microsoft SQL servers. Added mouse support libraries for DOS based applications integrating at the driver level.

1/1997 - 6/1997    North Dakota State University Library   Fargo, North Dakota

Computer Technician

Helped maintain the library's computers. Help departments with computer usage. Software/Hardware troubleshooting. Various UNIX (SCO) Tasks. Network troubleshooting: Novell, Banyan, TCP/IP.

8/1992 - 11/1996    Software Etc.   St. Cloud, Minnesota - Fargo, North Dakota

Senior Sales Associate

Sales of software, hardware and video games. Maintained extensive knowledge on all new and existing products. Greeted customers and educated them on products of interest.

1/1985 - 1/2011    Bauer Inc. Electrical Contractors   Waite Park, Minnesota

Various Help

Work part time for my father's company. Responsibilities range from mowing lawns to maintaining computers and price list.


8/1993 - 5/1998    North Dakota State University   Fargo, North Dakota

Some College Coursework Completed

Computer science course work completed:
Artificial Intelligence, Assembly Programming, Computer Graphics I & II, Computer Organization, Computer Science I & II, Computer Science Theory I, Human Computer Interaction, Network Programming, Operating Systems I, System Analysis & Design


Skill Name Skill Level Experience
Splunk Expert 6 years
Application Security Expert 6 years
Cloud Applications and Computing (ie: AWS, VMWare, OpenStack) Expert 6 years
Static and Dynamic application analysis Expert 6 years
Web Application Firewalls Expert 6 years
Python Intermediate 2 years
PHP Expert 8 years
Java Expert 13 years
C/C++ Intermediate 5 years
Objective-C (iPhone Development) Beginner 2 years
Perl, Shell Scripts, Regular Expressions Intermediate 14 years
Oracle SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres Intermediate 13 years
Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, Unix Variants Expert 24 years
DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 Expert 25+ years
Photoshop, GIMP Intermediate 15 years
Revision and version control, GIT, SVN, CVS, SourceSafe Intermediate 15 years
Networking Expert 20 years


Splunk: Founded Minnesota Splunk meetup:
3D Printing
Game Development
Artificial Intelligence
Linux - kernel hacking since 1994
Music Production/Composition
Achieved All-American honors as a college freshman in the high jump.


Available on Request.